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Minichamps 1/43? Mattel?

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I was thinking about getting a couple of 1/43 F1 cars from the 2003 season. I wanted McLaren, Williams and of course Ferrari. I came across the Minichamps for $35 ea (about 30 EUR). They look pretty good, are they? Is that a decent price?

Minichamps doesn't have the 1/43 2003 Ferrari but Mattel does with their Hot Wheels brand. Is this model of the same quality as the Minichamps? From the photos it looks like the Minichamps is better. Will it be noticeable having the Mattel one sitting next to the Minichamps?

If the Mattel one is just a toy or of poor quality then I probably won't get any of them. I am not going to display a McLaren and a Williams without a Ferrari!
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I like the hotwheels...they look nice in my opinion :)

you WILL notice the difference between Minichamps and the Mattel, especially if you place them side by side

IMO you can call the mattels either toys or poor quality models.
if you just want a cheap model then they are good, but i'm no fan of them and i'm a big collector on 1/43, i don't have a single one of them and i don't want them in my car cabinet

i must say €30 for a minichams is a very good deal, but F1's are a bit cheaper then race and GT cars by minichamps
over here F1's tend to go for €35-40 and the race cars around €45

BTW if you want a good F2003, you can always get a BBR then :wink: :green:
I'll have to check BBR.
I did look at EBay today and wow there is quite a difference in price between the Mattel and the Minichamps. It was funny because I noticed some people bidding higher for the Minichamps models then the models sell for in the online store. Go figure.

Anyway, I bid on a Mattel 2002 Ferrari for $8 (plus $6 S&H), brand new, in the box. I figure for $14 I can check out the Mattel and if it is not "display quality", I can let my niece and my buddy's kids play with it when they come over.
In all honesty I didn't (and still don't) like the Mattel street cars either, but the F1 cars seem to be alright. At least they are much better than the first year they produced. I prefered the Minichamps too and before that the Onyx cars (especially the F1 87/88C of them)

Just IMHO,

Well, I won the car on EBay. So we'll just wait and see what it is like. This will be my first 1/43. Here's the one:
As I am a collector of Mattel products, I will say that their 1:43 scale items are mass produced. They went for quantity, not really quality. Now, not to say they are not well done because they are, but in comparison...they lose.
In the 1:18 scale though I think they have done a very good job.
But...that's my opinion.
ofcourse the minichamps will go for a lot higher sometimes then in the stores, mostly cuz certain models aren't available in stores anymore
and if you are looking for the ferrari F1's from minichamps they don't build them anymore

As for the mattels
they have improved a bit since they began, mostly on the F1's, the road cars are still terirble, i don't pay attention to 1/18 so i can't comment on them
i remember seeing their first 1/43 model
that was a red modena, it practically gave me a heartattack
but they where and still are very cheap

also pete, now that you got yur first 1/43 you will wanna get more :wink:

BTW about those BBR's
they are EXPENSIVE, now don't say that i didn't warn you
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I did a search on EBay for the BBR and found the F2002.
eeuuhhmmmm, it was 28 times more then the Mattel. ($225 buy it now).
told you :green:

they have a better quality then the mattels :lol:

here are some quick pics from my F2000 from BBR
just noticed that i named them wrong
i was still with the f2002 in my head cuz of your post
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