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Michael Sheehan

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Has anyone dealt with him?
I understand he is one of the TOP guys, period. If you were to buy a car from him, would you still have it checked out, or can you trust him that much?
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I do not know the guy personally and have never dealt with him. However he is always willing to share his info on cars with you and has filed all his sales with as much info as he can (like condition of cars). I think he will let you check out the car if you want to anytime, so I think it is indeed one of the TOP dealers. Very knowledgable and very honest I think.

I only noticed this thread now...

...You can certainly trust him. I've known him, personnaly, for many years now. He is incredibly knowledgeable and is very friendly and down-to-earth. If I had the kind-of money to afford one of the cars he has for offer ( :wink: ), I'd certainly go to him.
i haven't met him, but e-mailed a couple of times with him
he really knows what he's talking about, and you can defenitly trust him, he has a very good reputation also.
if you ask him some questions then he will email you back with as much information as possible to help you
really nice guy.
Yes, very nice guy. One of the dealers that wants to get you a good car. He will help you when you ask and is willing to give a whole lot of info. Better than carclassic I think :)
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