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Melbourne GP

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I should have my photos back tomorrow. Then when I figure out how to post I will. Hope all like the shots.

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Hey Bart
so did the Aussie's treed you good?
how where the ferrari members there?

I went to the Ferrari Club of Australia party of the Crown Casino in Melbourne the night before the race. They had a room off the Sports Bar in the casino. This casino is very big. It ranks with the best in Vegas. There were some from New Zealand, one Canadian, and one American, me. I was even asked to speak for a few moments.

Everyone wore red. In fact there was a contest for the best-dressed man & woman. I had my red polo Ferrari shirt, red Ferrari jacket, and a red Ferrari hat. I lose big time.

I was made to feel very welcome by all. The President had one of his 360’s on display in the sports bar. They take their Ferraris very seriously as do I. Many were going to drive their cars on Sunday in a parade lap on the track before the race. I was told I would have driven but all seats were already taken weeks before.

I will say one thing. They know how to eat and drink.

If any of you ever have a change to go there for the race, contact the FOA. They will show you a good time. I could not sit with them for the race as I had other tickets.
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I got my photos (pits only) back from the drug store. Now I will scan them tomorrow at work. My quesion is how do I post the photos of the pits?

easy bart

when in the post reply page, a little bit below where you type your message it says options, and there is a button wich says Add an Attachement.
click on it, select the file from you HD, click on add attachement and after you are done click as usual on the Submit button.
You can add 3 pics per message
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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