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Melbourne GP

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My brother-in-law came thru. Not only did I see the race in style, but I got a pit pass on Sunday. I have taken many photos of the pits. My brother-in-law sat in the third Willaims car as it was being push out of the pits. He was told he could push any button but not the Red one. The engine would start. What a thrill for him. Rats. I did not get to sit in it.
I will be comming home tomorrow. The photos should be ready by Friday.

Our team got only a fourth place finish but this is just the start of the season.

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Sounds like you had fun! Bet your brother-in-law was like a little kid sitting in the race car and pushing all the buttons. Was he making "Brmm-brmm" noises while they were pushing the car?
amazing Bart
it sounds like you had a blast
comon, don't be shy, let's hear the "war story's" :wink: :green:

BTW i thought you had a digital camera?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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