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Can someone help with this?

Someone went to two paint supply stores yesterday with the Ferrari paint code 102 FLY Yellow. They tell him Ferrari used 5 different formulas but keep the code 102 for all of them thru out many years. How can one know which formula is used for a certain year? Any help in who to contact or where to look in the internet would be helpful.

I'm looking for the formula for a 1992 Ferrari 348tc

Here are 3 different formulas from the DuPont auto paint store

All are for one quart...

Code 102
Year 1981
843j Bright Yellow 259.2
845j Transp Yellow 364.9
801j Hs White 449.1
807j Ls Black 458.5
150k B/C Balancer 908.0


Code 102
Year 2001
841j Yellow 213.1
801j Hs White 251.2
890j Transox Yelo 283.6
846j Yellow Orange 288.8
150k B/C Balancer 718.2
175k Binder 891.7


Now this one is strange!
Ferrari 1992 code 102 is looked up in there computer but Alfa Romeo shows up.... Maybe they are the same? the formula looks very close to the 1981 Ferrari color but not the same.

Alfa Romeo ??????????
Code 102

Year 1992

843j Bright Yellow 261.2

845j Transp Yellow 367.1

801j Hs White 463.3

807j Ls Black 465.6

150k B/C Balancer 912.9


As you can see it's a little confusing. I don't want to buy the wrong mix...

Thanks for your help,
I'm not in a hurry, my car won't be painted till fall / winter.
I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row.
The paint store finds it very odd the same code number used of many years is
not the same mix. (So do I )

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It is Ferrari, that explains about all. I think the best thing you can do is contact the paintsupplier of that modelyear. In this case Glasurit.

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A high quality coach repair shop should be able to computer match the paint precisely. That would be the best route to take with an older car.

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