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I was wondering has anyone here ever visited the factory before :question:
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It's on my to do list, i'm thinking of going next year.
One of the perks of beeing out of school, working and having a car.
Now i can finally drive over there :green:
It is a dream of mine to make a pilgrimage to Maranello. I think I will cry once I get there...... :wink:

I know somebody who has been there 2 times.
The first time he even got a drive around on Fiorano and he was driven around by Eddie Irvine :ex:
That must have been an unforgetable experience.....WOW! :green:
I'm pretty sure of it, i think that he went back this, year.
Yeah well he can afford it.
He ownes one of the biggest Audi/VW garages in Belgium
Since last year he also has Skoda, he wanted Porsche but he didn't get it, so he had to settle with Skoda :-?
I was going to ask he got in to Fiorano??? Now I know.....
Ooh yeah, he was invited.
He even had dinner in the Ferrai Restaurant, he said that the food wasn't that good, just a regular italian restaurant. What made it special was that on everything is standing Ferrari, from the dinner plates to the glasses and the forque and knives
That's why I want to go..To be able to live and experience the myth and magic of that wonderful town.... :D
Tifoso_Boy said:
That's why I want to go..To be able to live and experience the myth and magic of that wonderful town.... :D
Me too, i'll probably go nuts and bancrupt there :green:
I've heard that if people like us wanna eat in that restaurand you have to make reservations at least one month up front
If that's what it takes, then ok :wink: ....I would also go bankrupt just buying scale models....( you know about that!)....But it be worth it!!
I was thinking of taking some vacation around my birthday and drive up there to celebrate it there, my parents would probably wanna go there too then
When's you're birthday :question:
That's four days prior to Mr Ferrari's Bday!
I know
But i'm a Valentines loverboy :wink: :green:
In 1997 I had a nice trip with the Ferrari Club Nederland and visited the factories of Ferrari, Lamborghini and de Tomaso! It was a great experience and I am ashamed to admit I liked the Ferrari factory less than the others. Main reason is the enthousiams of the tour guides. It was more of a cassette tape compared to the Lambo guy. He was really an enthousiast and a great story teller! de Tomaso is a very small factory and our group trippled the people in the factory, but we were allowed to do what ever we wanted. The only factory where taking pictures was not allowed was Ferrari!!!!!!!!!! Sh**, but at the Galleria and at the Maranello Rosso collection it was allowed (luckily)

Maranello is a great city and everything says Ferrari. I have been to the Ristorante Cavallino and they have many photographs of all drivers and some more memorabilia. I still have the dinner plate I bought there. If you like collectables, Maranello is your town: many many many model car shops and other Ferrari related things.

If anyone has a spare invitation to Ferrariland I am willing to release it from you :p :p :p

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Cool story Niels!!! :green: I've heard the samething about the Ferrari tour guides. :-?
Visiting the factory, the museum, EVERYTHING !!!

I'll be a momemt for me :wink:
All i know is that there is a Hotel 0.5 miles awaw from the factory. it is on Piazza Liberta 38
Maranello, MO 41053

Here is a pic of it.


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