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I am but an old man who sees the machine doing ever more for me. The new cars of today remind me of riding a roller coaster. I sit down and the machine takes me for a ride.

Accidents are hard to have since the computer does not allow me to go over the edge. It even will correct my mistakes. As an example, the new SUVs (the suburban assault vehicle) have anti-roll controls. This stops poor drivers from killing themselves. Thanks be to the machine.

Nuts. I have driven for many years. Knowledge of the car is important if you wish to drive it to the maximum or just move it where you desire. Yes, I do realize the computer can make the machine move quicker than I. The solution is to drive a 550. It scares the pee wad out of me.

With my 550, I can go to the limits of my ability. Of course, I can use the computer to aid me but then I am not testing myself. By the way, the limit of the 550 is beyond me, so far. It is vastly superior to any other car on the Southern California Freeways.

My left leg has been good to me for 50% of my life. It does not like not helping me survive. Therefore, I wish to use all of myself to move me to another place. I wish to move in great style. The 550 is the solution.

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