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Do you drive a 'macchina italiana'?

On 14-15 January we are driving from KL to Kuantan. We'll leave early in the morning (Sat. 14th) and have a great drive East. We'll visit an Italian car workshop, and then stay overnight at a resort there and drive back. This drive will include 90 km of road closed off to the public (private road).

We expect the usual abundance of Alfas, a few Fiats, some Ferraris and maybe a Lambo or two. Not sure about Maseratis though. And don't even ask for a Zonda. Smile

We will inform the JPJ (Malaysian equivalent of LTA) so that's a good thing.

I'll try to arrange for shirts to be made for this trip, so there could be a tiny fee, but nobody's out to make money. By the way, the resort will charge approx. RM 120 per room.

Bring your wife, gf, kids, etc but especially bring your driving spirit!

There will be a few Evos, Porsches and BMWs joining I think, and although they're not Italian, they've got the right idea so let's all have fun!

I know it's a bit early, but who's interested? More solid details to follow.

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2. jaskin
3. Tifosi66

You can also sign up at (
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