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It's like comparing apples to oranges! It does not bother me at all.

Maybe they should compare the M5 to the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo. :D
how on earth can you compare an M5 to an F430
an M5 is a sports saloon car, a complettely different category they compared a 4 door/5 passenger to a 2 door/2 passenger. Hmm...two different types of car. Why did they not pit the 612 against the M5?

Things that make you go hmmm...the common thread I keep seeing is a very simple one. Ferrari is the benchmark hands down because so many are being compared to them. Corvette C6 to the 360/430...Ford GT (with it's 7 recalls!!) to the 360/430...Lambo Gallardo to the 360/430....BMW M5 to the 430...and there are more. If Ferrari were not the best then why do these comparissons keep popping up?
I have both on order and enjoyed reading the test, however having driven the M5 last week I can state it did not come close to giving me the kick my old 360 provided.

Oranges and apples as stated above.

The M5 is an incredible four seater. Immense power but a little refined. Not the raw excitement, kick in the back with every gear change, of a Ferrari.
I was reading this post and it just hit me. It is like comparing apples and oranges, and they SHOULD have pitted the M-series against the Scaglietti. IN FACT, I was reading an article where they did JUST THAT.

The article was in a magazine that I cant remember, and its really bothering me. Ill go to Barnes and Noble and get it off the shelf again so you guys can enjoy the story. IN ANY CASE, the $100,000 BMW M6 was tossed up against the $280,000 612 Scaglietti and the vote was unanimous. The guys couldn't stop bitching about the price of the scaglietti but he said it was 100% better than the M6. He was in love with the italian leather, contrast stiching, etc etc. He said Modena is miles ahead of Munich.

So there you go, even with that dramatic of a price difference the Ferrari comes out on top!! I'll post back with the article so you all can enjoy.
Alright, found the article, but I couldnt get an online version :-?

Anyway, it is in May's version of EVO magazine on page 72. M6 goes ferrari hunting. Its an enjoyable article, especially cause Scaglietti ends up on top :D .

The website for the magazine is if you're interested.
was just gonna say that it was in Evo, about 2 issues ago
A great article and thanks for posting it.

If you read the article the author doesn't exactly say the M5 is better than the F430, just very surprised how good the M5 good as the F430 in many cases.

They were also on public roads. Take the two cars to a track with professionals and I can guess which one will have a solid victory.
I own a F430 and an E46 M3, and have driven the new M5 on a race track.

The M5 is a great car, the V10 engine is superb, 7 speed SMG is very fast, lots of electronics etc. BUT you do notice the weight, 1755kg, compared to 1450kg for the F430.

If you want a powerful cruising 4 door saloon car, it would be an excellent choice.

If you want a 2 door sports car then I believe F430 is a sensational car, and much more exciting to drive.

Given the significant difference in power to weight, it is difficult to understand how the laws of physics can be overcome, by saying the M5 is faster. To me, the F430 certainly feels more powerful and more responsive on the track.
M3CSL versus 360CS

The german auto magazines have a chauvinistic way of 'comparing' their BMW or Porsche cars with Ferrari too.
some time ago they did it again with an ultimate track test between an M3CSL and an 360CS.
now the weight of the 360CS and the HP and the torque is way better then an M3. ( never mind 2 cilinders extra )
still they managed to declare the M3CSL the better track car.
even when the weight alone of the 360Cs is some 150 kg less .

now the M3 CSL is indeed an extraordinary car , let that be clear.

there have been many letters from readers concerning this comparative track test to be suspicious even from avid german readers.
If they would put up an F-1 against any Porsche the Porsche car still would be 'better' .
they also like to rank everything with figures to prove that .
cornering speed 43 points against 42 points for the Ferrari, that sort of stuff.
the test driver liked the sound of the Ferrari though, and that is the ultimate compliment from a german auto magazine dedicated to true sportscars.

Now the French would compare any Citroen to ...

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The car that's declared the winner is the model where the manufacturer spend big bucks on advertising in that magazine. Ferrari doesn't spend a cent! Only their dealers do. So can we ever expect Ferrari to win? :evil:
Stradale said:
The car that's declared the winner is the model where the manufacturer spend big bucks on advertising in that magazine. Ferrari doesn't spend a cent! Only their dealers do. So can we ever expect Ferrari to win? :evil:
Well actually the June 2005 issue of Motor Trend they pitted the Ford GT against a F430 and they said in the end of the article that "The Ford returns to Michigan with its head held high -- but without an overall victory."

I was expecting the GT to be declared the winner because they also compared a Corvette to a Maserati and then a Mustang to a 350Z with the American cars winning both of those.
Uhmm weird comparison to be making.. M5 is a beautiful car in its own right though!
I love cars, all cars, and really enjoy comparing them, but everything has to be equal...

Ferrari was born for RACING, first one to the finish line...WINS

So, since were comparing apples to oranges...

Why dont they test both cars on a track, I dont know.....lets say....Atlanta Motor Speedway for 30 minutes, and see who gets the fastest lap time and who completes the most laps....

OH, I FORGOT.....silly me, BMW tops at 161 mph....

I can guess the words of the F430 driver racing on the track with the M5 a few laps behind....and, I think it would go something like this.....

Who's your daddy ! So long sucker !

-----Ferrari is not just a car, it's a lifestyle-----
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From my above response...

I cant stop laughing, I keep picturing in my mind Homer Simpson behind the wheel of the F430 saying...Who's your daddy ! So long sucker !

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