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Looks like I'm going to the F1 race in Japan

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I know a number of you have lived, visited in Japan so I need your help.

If I do go to Sazuka what and where else shoud I see and go? It's my first trip there. My brother used to teach English in Tokyo and Nagoya for a few years but any other advice would be helpful. I'll be going with a friend of mine for about eight or nine days, including travel time. I do have a girlfriend who I won't be cheating on... so any extra, um, curricular activities... um, well, my friend is single. So, I guess I'm saying it can be debaucherous but not too debaucherous.

Oh, and I'd like to remember ALL of it. But, I guess most of that is up to me.
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I'm sorry but if your friend is going to Japan for action then don't go. Japanese girls are people, not toys for foreign guys. It really pissed me off when assholes from the West visited Tokyo with this attitude.

OK now that I got that out of the way. YOU MUST VISIT MATSUDA'S COLLECTION! It is 1.5 hours from Tokyo. You can take a train from Shinjuku station to Gotemba and then it is just a 3 minute cab ride from the station.

9 days isn't a lot but try to stop by Kyoto too. Get a Shinkansen (bullet train) pass here in the U.S. The pass is good for as many rides as you need in that time so you can go to the race, Gotemba and Kyoto no problems.
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