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Hi, I too am completely and utterly addicted to my 308. Unfortunately, my car does not have the lucious Webers, but my car still sounds lovely. To me, and several others on this site, a 308 is the most gorgeous automobile ever made. I mean that. Every single time I look at my car, I see a new part of it, or a new angle of it that I love. My 308 has never broken down on me, it is easy to replace parts and do minor repairs, an oil change on my car is $40. To this day, people ask me if its a brand new Ferrari! A well maintained 308 is the best bang for the buck in my opinion. Show me another car that evokes such feelings, makes its driver feel like Mario Andretti...even if you go to the store!! I will never, ever be without a Ferrari again in my life. Just get one, and thank us later!
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