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Okay, I'm looking at purchasing a '79 308 GTB. I'm hoping that some of you 308 owners will chime in and give me a good education, before I make this move.

A little about me: somewhat well versed mechanically. I have a couple of '65 Stingrays that keep me busy, and can do most basic-moderate repairs (e.g., valve adjustment, carb cleaning, water pump......I just stay away from anything where the heads come off, and leave that for the pro).


1) What things break / need repairing most often on these car? I understand that they have hydrolic lifters; so, there shouldn't be any maint. there. I keep hearing timing belt/chain??

2) Can I do these repairs myself (remember, it'll be carbureted)?

2 a. How much can I expect to spend per year to keep it running?

3) How often do these things go bad?

4) 308 block- aluminum w/sleeves or iron? how many miles are they good for?

5) Pistons and rods- cast or forged?

6) Rust- where do I look for rust?

7) Anything else to keep in mind?

I think that the 308 and 328 styles are examples of the best sports car bodies ever made.

I hope you'll be able to help me out.

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