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Le Mans 365GT4/BB #18139#

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Does anyone have digital pictures of this car. I found some on motorracingretro. It ran at Le Mans in 1977 as no 75 and in 1978 as No. 86. All pictures are welcome. Thanks. Tom
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Apex, thank you for your kind remarks. As for the colors, I think 275 looks spectacular in many colors, both brilliant and subdued.
The 275 & Daytona both have similar color profiles. Both look great in bright (yellow) and the darker colors.
Hey guys!

I guess I'm such a newbie that I can't start a new thread yet. Contacted the moderator to give me a hand, but no response.

As we discussed, could one of you start up a new thread with a title something like "Back when they were just cool cars and not commodities" or similar? Then put a link in this thread and we can all go over there and make up tales about the "good old days".

I'll also send the link to some of the old gang. A lot of us still stay in touch.

Thanks, David
You should be good to go with full thread/posting rights.
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