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I have season tickets to the Hollywood Bowl. For those who do not know, it is an outdoor amphitheater. Last night I saw the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with a few guest artists. The theme was New York, New York.

Near the end, the policeman from New York who is a singer came on the stage. He did not say anything about 9-11 but the conductor did. Then he began to sing sons about America. I know little about music but my woman does. She said he was marvelous.

I cried. My heavens, is this country great or what? Being in the premier outdoor amphitheater of the world where the only rival is New York, the crowd when crazy. We, America, lost many about a year ago. What it did was to bring us (U.S. of A.), together. Before this, Southern California looked at New York as an alien place. Now we are one.

Many may be relativists, as Booth is. Me, I believe there are absolutes. One being America is still the hope of the world. No other place has what we have.

The rest of the world is so envious of us; they continue to put us down. Well, if we go down, the world goes back into the dark ages. Where else are all people equal under the eyes of the law? We work harder than any place. We are more efficient than any other country in this beautiful world. Why? Because we do want we, the people, want to do. The rulers tell us nothing. We tell the rulers what to do.

God Almighty, I love this country and feel blessed to have been born here.
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