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K&N Air Filters

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Hi all!

Barry Wolinsky here.

I was wondering what your feelings are regarding replacement of the stock air filter element on my 1976 Ferrari 308 GTB with the K&N filter. I've used K&Ns in the past on other cars. I haven't really noticed any difference in performance, but it's nice to be able to clean and reuse the filters. Because the Ferrari has those open scoops which allow for ingestion of debris and until I can find or make the grills that came on some European 308s, I was thinking of using the K&N element.

There's always discussion regarding improved airflow and I've heard that some claim an improved induction sound. I enjoy the sound those four Webers make when I step on the accelerator. It would be hard to improve on that!

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K&N Air filters

Hey Barry, Magoo here. The K&N filter definetly lets more of that beautiful carb. sound come through. I have been thinking about putting one on my 308. Once you buy it you won't need another. I am also thinking about doing that screen in the air tunnels. One thing we have to be careful of is not to use a "fine" screen like window screen, because it will restrict the air flow. I'm still thinking about the wire screen with larger holes in it. Nice talking to ya, Magoo

Hi there! So in your opinion, you do not see any contraindication to replacement of the stock air filter with the K&N? I know there is always lots of debate on this issue with fuel-injected models.

I've been inquiring as to availabilty of that side scoop screen. I'll keep you all posted.


I don't see any problems in it either. As you stated before K&N are excellent filters probably the best. If it does a better job of filtering I switch it for sure, you can never over protect your engine, can you?
I have a K&N on my GT4.

I bought it because at the time, it was either this, or the stock UFI filter (big $$$).

I had no idea then, that Baldwin also makes a 308 filter, the PA2094.

If I would've known then, I would've bought the Baldwin. Here's why:
K&N filtration process relies on their special oil to catch small-particles, not the media itself (the media does catch large crud, but anything really would do that). I'm a bit skeptical of this process and it was re-inforced by an independant test by a member on the Ferrarilist, that proved the K&N a poor performer in catching microscopic debris.

I think its a moot point though that this would result in gross damage, considering how infrequently a Ferrari is driven. But with the small cost of the Baldwin filter (about $40 Cdn through my supplier), its cheap enough to throw away.

Sinced I paid alot for my K&N, I'll continue to use it and clean it more frequently as a result.

My $.02
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In my opinion , sometimes you can pick the flyshit out of the pepper. The K&N is a good filter and lets the sound of your carbs come through. Just keep it serviced and it will be the last filter you will buy for your Ferrari.
Thanks. I've tried to regularly clean and oil my K&Ns for that reason. They can be expensive. I've often seen them advertised for $110 for the 308. I know that Performance Products (where I get Porsche stuff) sells it for $53.

On the K&N issue. I would like to put them on as the airbox is rather cumbersome on 308 carb cars but when switching to K&N you will lose the cool air being directed right to the carbs from the outside. You will hear the webers much better but I think you will need to possibly richen the mixture slightly. Also you may get mostly warm engine air for the carbs. Just something to think about.
Hey Rich.....

Rich, I agree, Installing those individual air stacks would affect performance because you would be receiving hot engine air and not outside rammed air. Regards, Magoo
If you have an injected 80- 82 and possibly later cars you can use a Wix filter that is not listed for the Ferrari but the dimensions are identical and the filter can be had for only a few dollars. In the back of most filter parts books are the dimensions of all their filters and if you measure yours you can usually find a match. If anyone wants I can get the filter number.
WIX filters.

Hey Ed, good to see you back on. When ever you get a chance post that WIX number. Sounds like a good idea to me and a savings.
The K&N filter I was referring to was the filter to fit in the airbox. Anyway, when the car was recently serviced the UFI filter was quite clean. As it's only 2 years old with less than 1500 miles on it, it can serve a while longer.
Well some bad news. The Wix air filter number has been discontinued and is no longer available. I will search for an alternative though. An air filter will usually last 30 to 50 thousand miles as long you don't live in a really dusty area. In S.C I see regular daily transportation cars filters go over 100,000 miles with no problem as our air is pretty clean.
I looked it up and the K&N filter is E2930. The one that fits in the airbox. I will probably get one when it is time to change my filter.

I have a K&N in my Cummins powered Ram truck. It came with the performance package I bought from Banks Engineering. It's ok I guess, I doubt you can tell any performance gain due to the filter exclusively without a dyno.

I also have a K&N filter on my CJ7 Jeep. It came with the Weber carb I put on that. I did have a problem with this filter. It shrunk. Thats right, shrunk. It is a rectangular filter about 4"x7" and 3" tall. Well after about 4 years of, granted, quite severe service and repeated washings, it was too small to fit back in it's housing. I have heard from other Jeepers who had the same problem so it isn't just me. Of course this filter was ony $20 so I don't mind replacing it every 4 years.

I would like to get some of the polished aluminum velocity stacks as I have gone to a couple of car shows and would like to better show off the Webers. (I have had a couple of people ask me if it has 2 4-bbls) However, I have not been able to find any (with filter) that fit the 40 DCNF Weber. Anybody got a lead?
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K&N does sell individual DCNF filters.

Part # (I believe) is: 56-9064

But realise, without the cold-air ducting of the stock air-box, the engine will be drawing in lots of hot engine-bay air.
Thanks for the info! I will look into this. If they are fairly reasonable I will get a set. I do realize that the top of the engine is quite warm and I will not get the benefits of the cool air induction. But then again, I didn't get a '79 carbureted Ferrari for it's 0-60 time. I got it because it's unique and for the driveability (oh and I guess I will admit, the attention). I am willing to sacrifice a certain amount of power to enjoy being able to see 4 carbs (or 4 air cleaners) when I pick up the rear deck. As long as it still runs properly and has a decent amount of power I will be happy. Also, the way I figure, it still will not affect the awesome ride and handling.
Thanks again!

Think of the GT-40s at Le Mans in the 1960s. I think the Ferraris and Porsches during that era also had their stacks visible through cut-outs in the engine decks thereby drawing ambient temperature air. But I don't think any GTS or GTB owner would do that. It would kind of look pretty sharp, though.

Pete, As I sad above in my comment to Rich, Using the sacks will affect the performance of your engine sucking in hot engine bay air.
correct spelling

Sorry, bad typos, they should be "said" and "stacks."
Do you really think it will considerably affect performance? As stated, I don't mind sacrificing a little power due to hot air induction, but I don't want the car to be a dog. My driving is mostly back and forth to town at speeds of <50 mph. Do you think I would even notice the difference?
As I recall, the Carburetted 308 has around 250 hp where the 2V fuel injected 308 has like 205 hp. I don't think I would lose that much hp. Or would I? I appreciate your input and remember, I am new to this.

I am a little upset with you. I read your post and then I kicked back and thought about how the car would look from the back with those 8 polished aluminum velocity stacks poking through the deck. and how when I was backing the car I would see them through the rear window. Then I had a vision of me standing on the rear deck with a running saw-z-all in my hand cutting the holes. I had to slap myself, hard. It really hurt and it is all your fault!!!!! :green: :green: :green:
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