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Just went to Ferrari of Atlanta..

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Hey! i'm new to the board.

My dad and i made a trip up to atlanta to check out a michelotto modified 348ts. (i'll have pics of the car in a few days). The car was amazing. On the way back to the airport we checked out Ferrari of Atlanta, which is the best ferrari dealership i've seen yet.

The showroom was great, many F355's, a few 360 modenas, as well as assorted 328's, 550's, 456's..etc. But the owner had a special garage for a few of his cars...

I ended up seeing 2 F50s, 2 Aston Vanquishes, ANOTHER michelotto 348, a 328 GT1 racer, 275GTS, 330GTC, three 575M's..

I had never seen so many nice cars in one place! then after thinking about it on the airplane back to dallas, i realized i forgot my camera!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'll get pics of the 348 when it arrives.
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I remember my trip to Ferrari of Atlanta, back in 1990 when it was called FAF.

That was the peak year of sky-high Ferrari prices and when the 348 was brand new, they had the first ones that came into the country.

I will never forget the Koenig TR convertible they had in the shop and they started it up and revved the s--- out of it just for me! "Hey kid, you want to hear it run?" :D

This was very impressionable for a 14 year old and it made an everlasting memory for me.

Enough of that memory-lane stuff, so bOrf, you got yourself a Michelotto 348?
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