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Firstly let me introduce myself... my name is Jason and i'm based in london(UK) and this is my first post...

The car i've just purchased is a 2002 360 manual...

I'm really excited... its been a boyhood dream really to own a Ferrari... pick the car up in 2 weeks...

Just wondered if theres anything I should know about owning a 360... what to look out for etc...

I'll also be parking the car on the street since I don;t have a garage... which worries me slightly... I don't live in too bad an area so wondered if anyone has any horror stories about leaving their car out on the street...

The final question I have is are there any differences or modifications between the 1997 360 and the 2002 360...

Many thanks.

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Welcome to Ferrari Forum! I hope you were able to finally download the Buyer's Guide as we covered some of the major changes in that guide. The biggest that comes off the top of my head is the chip for shifting, but since you have a manual that wouldn't effect you.

The only real concern I would have with parking outside is the weather damage over the long run to the car. I would highly suggest getting a car cover (the non-Ferrari). This way people driving by don't really see what it is and you'll be protecting the paint.

Enjoy your new car and let us know how it works out for you.


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476 Posts makes some of the best covers around. They should also have one ready to fit the 360.

I'd say either Stormweave or Noah:

If you plan on not driving the car everyday and will be leaving it in the rain, go with Stormweave. If your going to be driving every day and can predict the rain patterns fairly well... (easy in England :roll: ) and won't have it covered when it rains go with Noah.

Other opinions?
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