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Just found out something cool...

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to me at least. :wink:

As some of you know, I am a diecast collector. Throughout my collecting I have aquired quite an extensive collection of items highly cherished by others. I recently offered 1 - 1:64 scale car as trade bait for 2 - 1:18 scale Ferrari's.
Well, someone took me up on that offer!
I will be sending them my 1:64 scale Camaro and they will be sending me a 1:18 Challenge Stradale and a 1:18 612 Scaglietti!!
The Camaro I will be sending him was limited to only 5000 units world-wide and has sold for as much as $150 on eBay. Right now they are selling for about $70-$90. The best part...I paid $25 for it.
I kept seeing those two Ferrari's all over the web where people had gotten them, but I have yet to see one in the flesh. (Otherwise I would have bought it and not had to worry about trading.) But, I am happy! I get 2 new (to me) 1:18's for 1 - 1:64.

Now comes the wait for the post....
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do you have photos of the Camaro ?

what brand ?
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