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Cavallinos at The Paddock
"Ferrari Charity Car Show"
My name is Robert (Rob) Robinson and I am the new owner of The Paddock at the Livery. I am located at the Danville Livery where the Auto Enthusiast and AutoAffair once were located. I am hosting a Ferrari only show because Ferrari owners believe in supporting a good cause. The Juvenile Diabetic Research Foundation is a good cause and something that is very dear to me. My son was diagnosed at the age of 4 with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. My life was turned upside down at that time and the future seemed dim. With research and the advancements of medicine my son and the numerous other diabetics have been able to currently live an "ALMOST" normal life. No, they still have not found a cure but with the help of funding, the JDRF will soon find one. My goal is to have as many Ferraris registered as possible because 100% of the $50 registration fee will go directly to the JDRF. Please set Sunday June 7th aside and register your Ferrari. This is not a park and wait around kind of car show, but an event. We will have a fashion show, music, detailing demonstration, raffle, and a food and wine sampling tour with 5 wineries and 5 restaurants participating. For a registration form click on or go to my home page at and click on the events calendar.
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