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I never have figured out where to put these on the site. I get lots of news feeds to my email. Here is the latest. Enjoy.

Miramar, May 18, 2004: Following its Magny-Cours FIA GT podium, JMB Racing wanted to shine at Hockenheim, in front of its numerous guests. The sun shone down on the cars for the first free practice session, which was dominated by the # 17 Ferrari 575 GTC, expertly driven by Karl Wendlinger around the difficult German circuit.

In qualifying, Karl was 3rd, within a tenth of a second of the two best Saleen cars, as fast as ever, and five-tenths ahead of the # 1 Ferrari Maranello.

Making a good start, Karl set the fastest race time on his fourth lap, and was able to match the pace set by the two leading Saleen cars. Second after the # 4 Saleen retired, he took the lead of the race on lap 34, during the pit stops.

Toto Wolff saw the handling of the Ferrari deteriorate during his stint, but it was still in contention for a podium finish. The situation grew worse during Robert Lechner's stint, and by the end of the race, while he was seating third, he suffered a first tire blow-out at the rear left, followed by a second a few laps later, which forced him to retire, twelve laps from the chequered flag.

The # 18 Ferrari suffered a slow puncture at the same point in the race, which removed all hopes of a points finish from the Longin / Khan / Bleiner line-up, a result which would have been well deserved by all three drivers, considering the fine performance they had given until then. Once more reaching the finish line after a consistent race, the # 19 575 GTC driven by Kutemann, Gosse and Daoudi saw Peter Kutemann complete a double stint, as if to make up the time lost when he missed the Valencia round; his performance was all the more commendable considering the Hockenheim circuit, which is both physically and technically challenging, especially in terms of controlling a 600 hp GT car.

Although it is obvious that the Ferrari 575 GTC now has the potential to play a leading role, the team has to still work hard to perfect its knowledge and understanding of the car, in order to get the most out of it.

A minor problem deprived JMB Racing of a second consecutive podium. However, the two days of testing planned for the Castellet circuit should allow the team to face the next meeting in Brno, on May 30th, with confidence.
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yep, i saw the 1 hour race report sunday evening, that was a REAL shame, blowing it's tyre out, not a minor problem in my book when you are leading just a few min. before the finish, but the cool thing is that the BMS Scuderia's had a 1-2-3 finish and in their correct race numbers the nr 1 car 1st, nr 2 car 2nd and nr 3 car 3th :D
This also just came in:


Miramar, May 18, 2004:
Lorenzo Case and Domenico Guagliardo were back behind the wheel of the JMB Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello at the Mugello circuit this weekend, for the 4th round of the Italian GT Championship.

Choosing to work for the race, JMB Racing opted to qualify on hard tires, unlike their main rivals. In the first session, Lorenzo Case was unfortunately sent to the back of the grid, due to a front blade that was too low to satisfy the scrutineers. This was caused by a rod, broken after bumping over a curb, which was discovered too late to appeal. Despite this, as soon as the race got underway, Lorenzo set off in style, climbing up the grid to 7th position.
Rejoining in 6th place, less than a minute behind the leader thanks to the driver changeovers, Domenico continued to take the # 4 Ferrari towards the front, for a thrilling final.

Two laps from the finish, Domenico was third, just behind the # 1 Viper, with both cars closing on the leader, which had slowed drastically by this stage of the race. On the last lap, while it was getting ready to overtake the leading Lister, the Viper spun and beached itself in the gravel trap, forcing the Ferrari to take avoiding action off-track, which let the Lister head for victory, ahead of the Ferrari, which eventually finished second.

During the second qualifying session, Domenico Guagliardo claimed pole position, over a second ahead of the Lister, who was on soft tires.

From the start of the second race, the # 4 Ferrari pulled out a lead over its rivals, but had to retire mid-race when the engine belt broke, letting slip a victory, which had been within the grasp of the JMB Racing team, which is now fourth in the championship.
The next round is on May 30th at Enna Pergusa.
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Pergusa is a strange track, it's a privatly owned track
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