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Is this a regular 308 GTB?

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s/n 22711
this car has had some body-mods, also the interior is redone and its says group 4 on the back and also on it's transporter
But i took a pic of the tag and there it says 308 GTB
and when i check the Micholotto list, then this s/n isn't on there
so what is this one?
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I assume your are talking about the Dantinne car. I think it is a genuine Group 4! In the Wyss book on 308/Mondials there is a picture of what I believe is this car. This pic was taken by an American in the factory! No confirmation was given in the book, but I am pretty sure it is not a replica or modified car by the owner. It is a regular visitor to the SFD!

Yep Niels
that's the one:
I talked to the owners daughter very briefly, she drives a 308 GT4
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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