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Before I start, I should make it clear that this isn't me trying to wind up the forum and cause havoc from within, I'm being absolutely serious - so please don't crucify me!!

On with the issue... Question is this:

Do you really, really find Formula 1 interesting to watch?

When I think about what F1 is about, it should be one of the most exciting sports in the world:

You have young guys, of skill and bravery almost beyond comprehension. (I've driven a Formula Palmer Audi on the track. To your average Joe, it's an F1 car - wings, slicks etc. Even on my bravest day I'd be miles off the pace, so I'd never knock the skill/bravery of F1 drivers).

They're driving cars with performance that I genuinely cannot imagine. (You look at the performance figures, and they make everything look slow - unless you're a drag racer).

The cars are so full of technical and design genius that they can rightly be called the premier class.

It really should be exciting/interesting.

But I find it stultifyingly boring to watch. It wasn't always that way, I used to love it. I deeply wish I didn't find it so dull, as I love to watch virtually any sport, and I'm an absolute car nut - always have been.

I'm not denying that some races have interesting moments - the odd crash, the odd brave piece of overtaking - but add them up and you rarely have more than 30 seconds of real "action" in a race.

Am I the only one? I'd love someone to tell me what they find interesting about F1. Maybe I'm missing something these days!!!

Maybe I should get excited about the court cases, the appeals against everything. But I can't get excited about watching race after race that's won by a combination of qualifying and pit stop strategy.

I await the debate!!

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Dane said:
I love Formula One primarily because of the shear sex appeal, techonology and speed of the cars. I like the fact they run in the rain, globe trot and do more than just go around in a circle, like NASCAR or IRL. Plus, seeing and hearing these boys in person is out of this world.
I would have to echo Dane's comments. The other thing I like about F1 is that it is an international sport (it would be nice to see an American driver :D )

As for the staggered finishing, well that is racing. If you have the best car, the best driver and you start first, well you should finish first if the car stays together and the driver doesn't screw up. I am not a fan of bringing out the pace car to bunch the field up just to make the finish more exciting.

I like the fact that there are only 10 teams. I can easily keep track of and follow 10 teams. How many teams are there in NASCAR? Heck, how many teams are there in Football? You want to watch Football? Which game? Flip through the channels and there are probably 6 different games on. You want to watch Formula 1? There is one race every 2 weeks. I like the anticipation and speculation that time gives you.

But the best thing about Formula 1 - Ferrari!
Bazil said:
Either I'm going completely mad or Jim Clark was Scottish not American!!!
Yup, Jimmy Clark was a Scotsman.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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