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Hi,went to Indy for my 1st F-1 race. There was my wife and i ,Anthony,Doc,Frank and Grace, David and Angie..All Ferrari fans except my wife Christi (Jaguar).... :roll: If you know the track we were in north vista.We could see them brake on the first stright away from about 200mph to 50mph in 50 meters and then take a hard right.We then watched them make about 6 turns and then dissaper onto the back stright away ,,Absolutley fu :oops: amazeing,had a wonderfull 2 and a half days.Anthonys father Frank has been involved in raceing a long time. Had tons of cars and knows a lot of infomation..Another sunday drive for Ferrari and shumaher (shuey) :question: :question:
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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