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Indicator and hazzards lights come on, but don't flash. Can occur on a 348 or 355.

This may be due to a faulty "Flasher Relay".

Location of Flasher Relay
Try looking at "right knee level" (as if you are sitting in the driver's seat) just under the dash, you may have to pull down a bit of the carpet, also the manufacturer may have changed the colour since the car was produced so look for a relay made by ITALAMEC with something like 12V 42/92W or 12V 42/46 (x2) on it. Colour of relay may be light blue.

Fix 1: Unscrew and pull out relay and give it a clean. Re-insert.

Fix 2: Get a new Flasher relay. Part number 159265 (Cost £27.50 plus vat)

Thanks to Malcolm for providing the answer and the pictures of the Flasher relay.


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ALSO any Ferrari having a relay or lights issue.

Indicator/hazzard lights not flashing on any Ferrari:

I am currently having the same problem with my RIGHT, 456 Flasher.

When I signal, the light sometimes flashes or when it does the flash is not reliable, and other times it down right does not even light.

In the 456, there is a fuse panel in the front foot well on the passengers side.

1. Fold down the carpet, easy as it has some twisting screws that hold the vertical carpet to the foot well, which are quick release.
2. With carpet folded down to the floor, remove the four screws holding the fuse panel door.
3. You will see labeled the errant flasher, relay. NOTE the external codes on that flasher as you may swap, temporarily another relay to until a true replacement can be found. Case in point: My headlight motors started to 'blink' that is cycle up and down very fast due to an errant relay. By replacing the same relay [in this case the Rear-window defroster relay, which is the same type] I was able to have my motors act normally.

It is more important to have, depending on time of day or such your navigation lights over other creature comfort items. [matter of fact, shhhh, I have yet to get a replacement for the rear defroster...even some Ferraristas can be lazy ... shhhhh ]

The relays are NOT that rare, and having a spare or two for the important ones, in your Ferrari tool box, is a good idea. You'll also note Ferrari already contains fuses of sorts in that tool box / case.
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