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In this month's issue of Forza.................

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the cover car is a stunning black 360. It has the body work of a PIA GT car and looks wicked on the road. Does anyone have this issue and can tell me the tuning company that owns this car? Thanks
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I just bought the Mag today (Forza, April 2004), with the black Imola Racing 360 Modena N-GT on the cover, and the issue has a small column devoted to Modena's history (how it was hiked up to 480bhp etc. without changing it's characteristics) as well as a 355, which looks pretty much bog standard from the exterior if not for the 19 inch wheels and the rear grill. The Modena looks awesome, but i doubt it's practical in any sense of the word. I'll take a quote from the article:

"While the tuner debate will rage on, we know there are some very happy owners of modified Ferraris out there-and that's what really counts."
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