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Tell me as the scuderia has 235 front as opposed to 225 front does this mean the scud runs different calibration for ediff???

reason im asking as my f430 has scud rims and 235 front not 225

That's correct, the Scuderia has a different E-DIFF ECU version allowing it to have 235/19 tires at the front. The F430 with 235/19 tires will cause the E-DIFF to lock the rear axle even more often as I described here. That will cause excessive wear of the E-DIFF friction disks and solenoid valve, make the pump run more often and even increase the overall temperature of the hydraulic fluid which is not good for the F1 EV solenoid valves. It won't be visible as there will be no warning lights but it will eventually cause problems.

If you still want to put 235/19 front tires on your F430, I highly recommend to install the SEB ECU to disable the E-DIFF in Sport/Race/CST OFF mode (in addition to many other advantages).
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