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I'm a happy camper!

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Just found, and bought, 6 1/43 Ferraris which are a set.
Two auctions of three each.
First was an F50, 333SP, and a 360 Modena.
Second was a 550, 288, and a 360 Spider.
They are by Mattel but I like them. :wink:

Links to the auctions...(with pics)

I also think I got a pretty good price for them!
(Shipping will not be as high as it states...the seller has already confirmed that)
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yes you can't go wrong for that price, i just don't like to see mattel on those boxes
show us some better pics when you receive them rob
360, don't forget to save for that 1:1 model :wink: :green:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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