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Hi everybody

As the most of you know, a friend of me hast just restored a 400 GT. It is almost finished, i've seen the car yesterday and it really looks fantastic, but now they're having a little problem. When you are sitting in the car, it's impossible to open the door. I don't know exactly the English name of it, but it just that silver thing which you can see in the door on this pic which is damaged

Something has been damaged on it, so they can't use it anymore. They went to the dealer, but he doesn't want to sell that piece, because they didn't restore the car there. They have 2 other Ferrari's too (512 BBi and Mondial Qv), which they bought from the dealer, but the 400 GT not... They already searched a lot, but it is hard to find. It's probably the same piece in a 400i/412 and maybe a Mondial too.

I hope you can help us

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