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As I was driving home from Las Vegas today, my beast met and killed many butterflies in the desert. They had been eating yellow pollen. How do I know this? As they committed suicide on my car, a very bright yellow appear. It was both pretty and sad.

Too many Ferraris are not driven into butterflies.

The Santanas were blowing. It sometimes became a sand storm. Again, most drivers of my car would have stopped because the sand did damage to the paint of the beast. Well, if a car cannot take it, what is its use?

Darn, my 550 kept telling me to “SLOW DOWN”. Then it said to check the engine. How the heck do I check the engine when I am 100 miles from nowhere. Well, I changed it into the off position and just boogied. 600 miles to around 24 hours. Driving up and down the Strip in first hitting 6,000 rpms is great fun. The woman in my car got a big kick out of all the people who looked, pointed, and talked to her.

Darn. Once must only drive 12 cylinders over a long distance. The Maranello is the king of “Thunder Road”.


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What caused the check engine light to come on? Was it overheating because the radiator was covered in butterflies? Just a thought.

Anyways, sounds like you had a good drive, as always.
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