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I just picked up my 355 spyder from the shop WOW!

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I am back! My 355 spyder is back on the road. New tubi exhaust, hi flow air filters, composite clutch disk, new flywheel, test pipes (to eliminate the cats), 30k engine out service and tune. Sal Garcia at waterfront automobli is the man! He did all the work (along with Sheldon) and these guys rock! The car feels like it is 50% faster! We picked the tubi exhasut that produces the most noise. Boy is it loud above 4000 rpm, and i love it. It really does sound like a Formula 1 car going through the gears. JUST AWESOME!!! Almost 3 months without my car and it was worth the wait. :lol: :lol:
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I've been meaning to tell you that I saw your car at Sal's. Sheldon told me you were having some MAJOR work done to the car. I heard the guy in FL wasn't so honest about the car.

Glad to see you got it back in order. Any word on the 360 CS? I also guess this means you'll have to get the car out on Infineon soon and really put the Tubi to the test.
Ferrariby30orbust said:
Ya, when are we going to get a track day out there?
As you know I'm new to the area so I don't know the weather yet. Does it get cold up there in the winter? I think in the spring we could possibly do a track day.
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