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I have vistited our local Ferrari-dealer (with pics)

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He sells a little bit more than only Ferrari !

550 Barchetta

Nice Daytona

512 M :roll:

My color-combination for the 575 M Maranello :p


Other cars there

New Rolls Royce Phantom

The only car, which I could afford there :oops: :wink:

Homepage of the dealer is
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hmmm, that might be worht to visit

Ansgar, how far and where is that exactly?
And i do agree, i saw that color combo on the 575 MM for the first time during the Italian Days on Zandvoort, fell in love with it inmediatly

and they already have a Phantom, that's quick, not a big fan of the car dough
Dj Dirk said:
Ansgar, how far and where is that exactly?
The showroom is in Seckenhausen, near Bremen. In the middle of this year Tamsen will open a new showroom in Hamburg. Look at their homepage for a map.

Dj Dirk said:
and they already have a Phantom, that's quick, not a big fan of the car dough
Tamsen is one of two official german Rolls Royce Dealer, so it is normal that they have a Phantom for test driving etc.
Awesome photos. I have a new problem now. How do you get drool out of a keyboard?
That's very easy Pete
I have my keayboard wrapped in that plastic foam (sorry, don't know an englsih word for it, and neither the spelling) and when the drool is getting to much, i unpackt it, trow it away and wrap my keayboard in again
I usually do this 2-3 times a week :lol: :p :wink: :green:
Boy, that dealership has some nice cars and plenty of them. I wish it was near me.

I noticed there are front plates on the cars. Do cars in your country require them? The one on the 550 breaks up the lines so much.

hi ansgar,

2 years ago, i believe, i have visited them while staying at a friends house near minden and driving to hamburg for a workshop. really impressing cars. it was wintertime, so i was not with my mondial there, but i bought a ferrari key fob for 35 DM, but it broke very soon ;-(

front license plates are required by law in every european country

Wow, it is worth the visit. Yeah I am surprised either to see the new Rolls, though again and also, I am not a fan for it at all.
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