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I can have a pretty good day too!

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So my parents and my friends and I headed out to Springfield, Missouri today, for a day of McLaren F1, Ferrari Enzo, and 360CS, but unfortunately, the Enzo and 360CS were already sold, and the F1 was on consignment and was sitting in the owners garage. But, I did manage to see the following:

3 Gallardo's: silver, yellow, and black
1 Murcielago: titanium with huge 19's and 20's and two monsterous tailpipes that mad me go :eek:
4 Diablo's: red, blue, rosso vic, and a 30th anniversary model with the engine out
1 25th anniversary Countach

2 360 Spider's: red and silver
1 360 Modena: silver
3 355 Spider's: silver, yellow, red
1 355 Coupe: red
2 348 Spider's: both black/black
2 512TR's: red, yellow
1 Testarossa: red
2 328's: yellow, red
1 308: blue (heard it running 8) )

1 GT2: silver
Several Turbo's and other Carrera's

6 Viper's (found out that 30% of Viper owner's wreck their car within 90 days of purchase :cry: )
1 Bentley Turbo R: red
1 Cadillac XLR: silver
1 Packard 120: black--Anybody have any idea how much one of these is worth?

I think that's the most of it. :wink:

So that brings total of Murcielago's I've seen to 7 and Gallardo's is also 7. 8)

Here's where I went:

Pictures posted once developed and scanned (next week).
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As you American (and possibly foreign) posters probably know, the Gillette commercials that are on now have a Saleen S7 in them. Just FYI, that S7 came from And the dealer actually prefers it over the Enzo. :eek:
Stradale said:
So the CS is more in demand than the Gallardo. :)
I suppose that may be possible, but that dealer's been moving Gallardo's out pretty quickly too though, they just happen to have more of those than 360CS's, since they're an authorized Lambo dealer but not Ferrari.

I failed to mention that the Murcielago had a $20,000 stereo system also :eek: and that I have to wait another week and a half until I get to see more Ferrari's. :cry:

Ferrari of Washington D.C. here I come! :green:
4kids3fish said:
(found out that 30% of Viper owner's wreck their car within 90 days of purchase)
!!!!!! How come? :eek: :ugh: :nuts:
Too much power, not enough skill. :-?
Dr. Bob said:
Looks like a cool day. Did you write down some s/n? :roll:
Sorry. I was planning on getting at least one but I kept forgetting once I was in each place.
Dr. Bob said:
LOL, being surrounded by beautiful cars makes you nervous and forget the whole world around you :)
Yep. Driving to the place I remember, inside the place it's like :eek: .
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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