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and I have a couple of questions:
1) I'm 6 foot 1 - anyone here got one that is my height? If so how's the driving position? I tried out an X1/9 when I was 18 and actually couldn't shut the doors around my knee and the old fiat 900 van I restored with my father keeps my head on the ceiling, so I am wondering if a 308 is a bit more accomadating ( yes I *have* wanted one since I saw Magnum as a kid - I loved Knight Rider, too - hence my first car was an '85 firebird... :-D )

2) Anyone know of a good garage/specialist in the South East UK? I know Ricambio are good for Italian spares and work, from the work on the Fiat, etc, but I just want a few opinions

3) What should I look to pay for a reasonable 308? ( I am thinking of probably a carb model for the reliability - I worked at an international engineering consultancy on Ferrari raod and race projects and Magnetti Marrelli *still* leave a lot to be desired, as does most Italian wiring - for a giggle, try matching the wiring of a 1981 fiat 900t camper to that in the Fiat official factory wiring maps :-D) - not concourse, but no rust and capable of daily running ( I only do about 6000 miles a year if I am lucky and when I move it'll be less as Oxford is not car-friendly...)

4) I intend to leave the servicing to a specialist, purely because I'd rather pay a bit of money to have it done right, than do it myself and miss something that will cost me a major repair bill. Also, it helps with resale in my opinion ( not that I intend to sell the car of my dreams...) - any ideas on what a good price for the 3000 mile services, etc are in the UK, so I know if I am looking at being ripped off?

5) As far as brakes and the like, is it better to use stock ferrari, or is there a benefit in either cost or performance in using, say, brembo or AP Racing parts?

I guess I'm a little unusual - all my peers are after orimental rice-rockets ( skylines, 500HP Supras, etc ) and, while nice, I'd rather drive a well-balanced sports car than a souless computer on wheels just because it can do 0-60 in 4.5 secs... besides I have had a 300HP integrale sideways on an airfield at 120+ and frankly it's not as much fun as people think - a tailslide at 80+ will scare the willies out of you :-D Hence I don't want mods for more speed - I think the 308 is plenty quick enough, just things to make it more reliable/practical....
Thanks for all the good advice on the rest of the board, guys - I hope to be a 308 owner soon ( this year anyway ) :-D
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