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I work in Southern California. It is a very small part of this world. Today, I received a call from Australia. It has been years since someone called me from overseas, if ever. He called today to ask if he could help me. Since I am going to see the first Formula Race of the year, he wanted to make sure my visit was fun. Since I have seats in Grandstand 15 for the race in Melbourne, I only need the other days. He has the only private inside area in the track during the race. Nice guy! He is going to help me have a good time down under.

Ferrari people are so nice. My brother-in-law told me I had corp. tickets. Yea, sure. Crap. Nothing to do on Thrusday, Frisday, and Saturday. Hell, I am not flying half way around the world to sit on my rear end. No, I must see, hear, smell and hopefully touch the cariages of speed. I feel honored to have some one call me today from there to help me. Man, I love my 550 (s# 108108).

I will be seeing Ferrari win the first race of the year. What a joy!

Life is good!

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