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I am buying my first Ferrari! Let the Champaign flow!!!!

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Hi i am new to the forum and i am purchasing my first Ferrari this week. I just turned 30, and i can finaly afford it. My goal has been to buy one by 30, so next to my 2 beautifull Daughters, this is my crowning moment! My first Ferrari is a 1997 F355 spider, Red with black guts and 10k on the clock. Car is on a truck and i should have it within 10 days!!!
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Nice work. I've heard the 355 is a good first Ferrari, and yours is a Spider...essential for Cali. 8)

Congrats!! Awesome car! I also have a goal of buying a Ferrari by the time I'm 30 (not sure if I'm going to make it or not). Right now I'd like to get a Testarossa, but we'll see.
Way to go! Congrats, that is awesome. I'm new to the area but I'm guessing you are near San Francisco? If so a group of us are planning to get together and you're welcomed to come along. Welcome to the site, enjoy it and keep us informed of the new baby soon to arrive.
cool, when and where are you going? I would be ver interested to go.
I sent you a private message. Details to follow.
Hey - If your going be driving a Ferrari you gotta learn how to spell Champagne :lol:

Enjoy the car - I bet you sit in it inside your garage for at least an hour reading the owners manual the first night - and at least an hours cleaning!

I did!
yeah, like my mom said "you should have went to college". I was just in way to big of a hurry to make my first Million! :lol: :lol: :stupid:
way to go, congrats man, and also welcome to the Forum

in your area you should have lots of fun driving a Spider
can't wait to see some first day pics :wink:
Welcome to the forum - and congratulations!!
let the Champagne Flow

Congrats !!! Welcom to the Ferrari Forum,You have a awesom 355 Spider
very cool car, and don't read to much manual's , drive also outside on the road's because there is the action.We hope to see soon the picture's of your car.regards.308ROB.[/b]
Welcome Ferrariby30orbust. :)

355 Spyder as your first Ferrari is fantastic. Beautiful car. :D
Welcome to the forum! A very nice purchase. I can only hope for that sort of success in my future. By 30 is pretty ambitious, but I see you've done it, so that's great.
A Ferrari should be fun. May you enjoy your car.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who responded to this post. You are all very nice, and i am glad i joined this site. It is nice to see that ferrari owners are not just a bunch of stuffy snobs!! pics will be up soon!
Thank You
Chris Miranda (ferrariby30orbust)
So does that mean it arrived? 8) Have fun with it (I know you will :green: ).

I take it you got the car. Awesome! We just missed each other by a few days. This past Sunday I was crusing 121 and 12 near Sonoma/Infineon. It was lots of fun. Can't wait to see the photos.

Cool for you. Enjoy the car, and give it a hug from me ;)
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