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Monday, I drove to Vallejo. It is just north of San Francisco. The mileage is around 450 miles or so. It was a very pleasant drive.
Tuesday, I went to San Jose, then Folsom, and back to Vallejo, around 300 miles. Yipes, my oil pressure went off the gauge, over 140 psi. Quickly, I call my mechanic in Orange. He said this, “Either there is something in the lines or the gauge is off. If I drive under very high pressure I will blow the oil filters. That of course means I stop. Crap.
I was driving at about 2300 rpms or 55 miles per hour. That is slow on a California Freeway.

Well, folks, I just finished driving from Vallejo back to Orange County. Never did I go over 55 mph. Oh, what fun it is when a cement mixer truck passes me. Yipes.
I-5, the road I took, is the main highway between northern & southern California. Trucks were passing me all the time. I only passed two vehicles, one, an old camper driven by an old man and a very old pick up filled with junk.

I eat humble pie today.

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