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Contact Info:
Showroom# 410-266-0818
Email: [email protected]
Address: Automotive Excellence-1942 West Street Annapolis, MD 21401

**Gathering around 9am, heading out for meet around 11pm**
Its official guys, the meet and cruise is Sunday which is June 3, 2007. We will be taking the same route as the last 4 times to solomons island. Basically, theres going to be free coffee, donuts and water for everyone. When everyone comes in they have to go inside to the front desk to sign in and then you will get your raffle ticket (free prizes will be given). Everyone usually hangs out and checks out all the cars untill about 11am and then usually the owner gathers everyone up and breaks everything down to everyone. Once he does that we'll all take off and have a great time. Once we arrive at solomons island we gather up give away prizes, have lunch and head back.

Here are some pics that I have off the previous meets:

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