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toms850R said:
So let me start by saying that I'm new here and I don't currently own a Ferrari. But, I've wanted one since I was a kid - a 308 or 328GTS (must be the Magnum PI syndrome). So here are the questions:

1) Can these cars be used a daily drivers? What kind of gas mileage do you normally get? How comfortable are they on long trips (ignoring storage space)?
2) How many miles would you expect to get from these assuming the car is properly maintained? I put about 20K per year on a car.
3) How hard they to work on? I currently have two Volvos that I service myself. Prior to that an Acura Integra, Fiat X1/9, 1968 Volkwagen bettle
4) I've read that the 30K service is critical due to the timing belt change. I take it that this means that these cars have interference engines?
5) Are the 308 carbs easier to maintain that the later models?

Thanks for any help.

Welcome to the forum Tom! Glad to see a new face.
1. Yes they can be used as daily drivers. I let owners of this car answer the rest of this question.
2. 20k would probably be pushing it a little even maintained.
3. If you can work on an Integra you will find these even easier as they have less computers. You can also get lots of help in the tech forum from other 308 owners
4. Not sure what interferene engine means and look forward to learning
5. My understanding is yes
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