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How to hang a Ferrari flag?

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I've been busy painting my garage every night this week ready to house my new toy :D

I have a ferrari flag which measures 1.5m x 1m which I want to mount on the wall but I'm not sure the best way to hang it?

If I somehow attach the corners of it to the wall then its going to sag in the middle :(

Has anyone here any ideas or experience in hanging one of these on a wall? In the "garage" forum on here I noticed some people have flags mounted on their garage walls.


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Hye Justyn

here's how i have my flag hanging right above my pc
gives a very cool look


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Hey Dan
on what car do you work then?
the blue from Swift?
or the one wiht the gulf colors?
hmm, if you want it flat against the wall, then you must try to strecht it as hard as possible so that you don't see it "folding in"
i'm sorry i don't really know how to say it in english
too bad you missed Spa, it was a great
and unfortunually i can't come to Donnington, but i would love to go
it's a bit hard to get there for me.
and i have plans for saterday, but i am considering on driving over to the Nurnburgring for the 3rd race of the DTM

Justyn, just look for this car in the paddock:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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