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How to hang a Ferrari flag?

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I've been busy painting my garage every night this week ready to house my new toy :D

I have a ferrari flag which measures 1.5m x 1m which I want to mount on the wall but I'm not sure the best way to hang it?

If I somehow attach the corners of it to the wall then its going to sag in the middle :(

Has anyone here any ideas or experience in hanging one of these on a wall? In the "garage" forum on here I noticed some people have flags mounted on their garage walls.


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No flag hanging tips i'm afraid but will you be at the Ferrari festival this weekend at Donnington park?!
There looks to be a great deal going on both on and off track- Maranello Challenge race, 360 Euro Challenge Race, Ferrari Owner's club displays and Track demonstrations of the new Enzo and a '99 F1 car. It used to be he

I'll be there both days, I mechanic on a 308 in the Maranello challenge so come and say hello if you go!! :D
Justyn: It would be stupid for me to say that "I'll be the one wearing the Ferrari shirt"- but I probably will be!!! I'll be around the Light metallic blue 308 which runs in the PMFC, wearing either a black Ferrari polo shirt or a Blue Ferrari owner's club sweatshirt (or if it's raining a Marlboro jacket)

Dirk: Yes it's John Swifts car! I have only just started to help him out this season, the car rarely needs much apart from swapping wheels but I just enjoy being around race Ferrari's all day :D I missed the Spa meeting due to work commitments but should be at most of the other rounds. Are you coming to the Festival this weekend?
That's the baby!!! :D Thanks for that Dirk....
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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