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How to fill convertible top fluid reservoir on F355 spider?

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I am working on a 1996 F355 spider with power top.

Can anyone provide me with the following information:

What fluid is used in the convertible top reservoir (between the seats), and
What is the procedure for filling it.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Julius
Automotive Technology Department
Mesa Community College
Mesa, Arizona.
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Well, I didn't get any responses from the Forum, but I did find out the answer from two dealers. The fluid is actually Mercedes Benz Convertible Top Hydraulic Fluid. The quart bottle says ZH-M on it, and costs $18 from M-B. If you go to Ferrari, they charge $65 for the same bottle.

As for putting it in, it is easy IF you know the trick. The reservoir is behind a panel between the seats. Remove the panel with four phillips screws. There is the obvious reservoir with the pump motor on top of it. Just in front is a block, about 3" X 5" X 1" with several hydraulic lines going into it. The block is bolted to the pump motor with two bolts. Remove these bolts and the block can be moved out of the way. You will then see a plug with a 13mm head. Remove this, and fill the reservoir with a squirt can, or turkey baster. Reassemble, and there is no bleeding necessary, according to Ferrari of Orange County.

Just thought you'd like to know for future reference.

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Thanks, we'll think about this if somebody asks the same thing :D
whiteNSX said:
Well, I didn't get any responses from the Forum
You stumped us. :lol: :eek: :oops:
In a way, I'm glad nobody else knew. I was afraid that I was missing something obvious, and would look stupid. Anyway, the next time somebody does a search of this topic, they'll find the answer.

not in vain

I will be using your method, so you did not post in vain. I exposed the pump and it looks like you describe. Next step will be to go get fluid and a fuse because it blew. You could tell it was trying hard and was at the pivot point where the most torque is... and it died, but I am convinced the servicing will make it all better.
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