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Historic Car Touring Event in Japan

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Every year, there's an event here in Yokohama, Japan called the Historic Car Touring event. I happen to live nearby and took few pics to share. Lots and lots of gorgeous cars (about) 70 or so. Not just vintage but there were Enzos, Porsche Carrera GT, etc.
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great stuff Jimmy
i always love the japanese events, there are so many cool cars over there

are you gong to the Le Mans Classic event in october?
i would LOVE to see some pics from that one
Enzo250GTO said:
Yours truly will :green: hopefully, not 100% sure yet.

you better come over to france then next year in july
when the real Le Mans Classic is back
then there are about 400-500 very sweet classic racing cars present, and that aint counting the clubs
last year the french porsche club had over 800 cars present
and you should have seen the Aston parking field :eek:
i you haven't called me yet to drop by :p :green:
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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