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BUMP : 430 : F1 Actuator Pump

-- Ya' this might be important to improving your runnning F430
-- BUMPED to ask the obvious.

I've been hearing of the F1 Actuator Pump [don't ask me, it a pump for the F1 trans selector] that has been going out: About four direct responses from persons, and more, that have experienced their F1 not being able to shift and then going very rough.

Mechanics first report the F1 looks fine except for the actuator screws which have become loose. But, even after tightening, the problem persists.

Some reported that only replacing the Actuator Pump has solved the problem.

OF those reported cases, this happens just within a month or so of the warranty expiring, but one reported it happend, after the screw tightening, the fault wasn't found until after warranty. bummer.

SO: Anyone with more insight/personal experience have a take on this.
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