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Hello. My company, Forced Induction Auto Sports, LLC has just aquired a new distributor for even more Ferrari performance. We currently offer the Novitec Rosso, GHL, Kreissieg, Meisterschaft, Fabulous, Energy Suspension, and other. If you are interested in improving the performance of your car, from the mild performance and sound of exhausts to the full blown twin turbo and twin superchargers, when available, please contact us. You can also visit our store on this site that the Admin has allowed us to have. The store has the logo FIAS.

We are also working with a company to soon offer the twin turbo kit for the F355 in America. In addition, if that kit becomes a success, the company will consider a kit for the F360 Modena and F430.

My company is focused on a positive buying experience before, during, and after the purchase. Please do not hesistate to pm me at any time, as I am on this site and check it several times a day.

Thank you,
John Ritenour
Forced Induction Auto Sports, LLC

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