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High Oil Pressure 456 GT - Advice Needed !

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I was driving a 456 GT yesterday and the oil pressure at 5500 rpm was pushing the needle on the gauge above 10 bar :eek: (which is the max reading on the gauge). Any idea what coulfd be causing this and is it a major concern :-? (blown head gasket ) ???
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Unlikely to be a head gasket problem, as any weakness which allowed combustion pressures into an oilway would also result in oil passing back into the cyls during the non-power cycles => you would be burning/losing oil noticeably.

In my mind it is either:
(a) normal (but it does sound too high), or
(b) a gauge calibration problem (ie reading inaccurately), or
(c) a pressure-relief valve malfunction. Oil pumps need to generate good pressure at very low rpm and so usually produce excess pressure at med/high rpms. I'm not sure what pressure blow-off system the 456 has, or how accessible it is but maybe it's a bit sticky.
4kids3fish, Thanks. Hopefully it is b or at the worst c. Appreciate the advice. Boxer42
It turned out to be B) and has been fixed. Oil pressure readings are perfect and accurate now. Thanks.
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