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Here she is!!! 1980 308 GTSi

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This is my "new" 308...


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very nice Tifosi
is that Dino also from the previous owner?
Awesome car and very nice photo. Welcome to the forum. How do you like living in the desert? I love your house, it is really cool looking. It also looks like you have one hell of a view probably out the back of the house.
Looks real nice!
Thanks for the nice comments, I like it. Sorry to say the picture is actually from the PO's house, I have not had a chance to take one at it's new home yet. The PO also has a GT4 (a little rough around the edges but a nice car as well) and and a few Range Rovers as well, and for those with a eye for detail a Maserati Bi-turbo too (a real piece of @%$#!!, his words not mine). I hope to get a pic with the Benz, and Bimmer soon when I do I'll post it, Thanks again...
i saw the Maserati, and the owner is right, not one of their finest cars
Nice GTSi Tifosi! :D

Is his GT4 for sale too? 8)
Really nice, Tifosi!
neat looking car Tifosi. Would I be right in thinking they are 17" speedline wheels?
Been a while since my last visit, so I'll reply now to those of you who asked questions... As far as I know the PO is planning on keeping the GT4, his fixer-upper, he wanted to have some $$'s to work on it. And yes they are 17" Speedlines, best as I can tell they are a 17" repo of the wheels on the 288 GTO, I think they really make the car look good. I also have the orginal 14's + full spare w/original tire, they are polished/chrome with the spokes painted black, I can only think they are completely original, not really my taste but nice to have. See ya...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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