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So there I was, driving along with all appearing to be well in the world, and then...

Phhhhtttttt... Both Check Engine lights come on and the car starts to lose power. It seems to come back for a moment (CE lights are still on) and then starts to fade again. This happens a couple of times, and then the final Phhhhhhhtttt...

I coast over to the side of the highway & call for help. Attempts to start the car are met with the sluggish sound of a low battery. I sat there for a few minutes, reset everything by pulling the battery-kill, and HEY, game-on!!

Well, for a minute or so...

The same thing happens again, only this time there's absolutely NOTHING left in the battery, not even enough juice to run the hazzard lights. My new friends the Road Rangers arrive, we hook the car up for a jump (with their vehicle turned off), and she roars to life! But as you might guess by now, she goes Phhhhttt as soon as the cables are disconnected.

To me, this sounds like a bad alternator. The only reason I have to doubt this is that the alternator was replaced a few months ago. Any thoughts?

And just to add a little complexity to my situation, the shop that had been doing the work on my car has closed and my mechanic has moved back to the frozen north. I'm in St. Petersburg, FL - Any recommendations?



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If you’re mechanically inclined, the first thing I would check is if any wires have come loose or broken on or from the alternator. If not, pull the alternator out and bring it to an alternator/electric motor shop and get it tested. If they tell you its fried ask if they can fix it and for how much. DO NOT TELL THEM it’s for a Ferrari or they will charge you triple or say sorry we don’t fix Ferrari parts. If it’s ok, then you need to look at the electrical system.

If your not mechanically inclined, bring it to a shop you can trust or worst the dealer.

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