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Help on 360 spider scratched wheel

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:( I have a week old 360 spider and when I tried to avoid a pothole I hit the curb and scratched 1/3 of the wheel. Does anyone have any advice on how to buff out the scratches.
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Nice car! Sorry about the scratches. Allow me to refer you to for expert advise. Don't do anything yet: fine racing wheels are made and painted in specific ways; you can do more harm then good if you rush. Good luck!

Welcome to the site. If you could post a photo(s) of the damage I can perhaps point you to the right product. There are certain wheel polishes that could fix the problem. Are the scratches deep on just on the surface?
They are not that deep but deeper than a superficial scratch
The only way to really remove the scratch is to have your car professionally machine buffed with abrasive compounds and polishes. This procedure is both expensive and dangerous. Just contact a local body/paint shop for those details. As jungathart pointed out you can do more harm than good. If you try this yourself don't use anything ruff.

Try this wheel polish with a buffing machine but I'm not sure it will work if they are deep as sanding is needed and refinishing. I hate to give you bad news but a "Do-it-yourself" job will be tuff. I wish you the best and please keep us informed on the project. Again, welcome to the community, it is a great place to be.


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You can't just buff it. It has to be sent to the painter's shop. They have to "fill" it and then sand it, buffs it and then spray it. I've done this many times with the original 5-star wheels.

But if you have the BBS Challenge rims then it's more difficult because you have to send it to a wheel manufacturer because the rims are not "painted", they're finished in a special way. And the paint shop just can't do it. There's no cheap way out I'm afraid.
Yes they are the challenge wheels and I guess I will check with dealer about repair. I was hoping that there wasnt something I could do to make them look alittle better. I will try and post a picture today. So if you can all check back after I post a picture it would greatly appreciated.
This is the second ferrari I have owned. It has been 10 years since I had my 328 GTS. I can't believe how muched I miss it.
Thanks again
Here is a picture of the wheel Help is appreciated


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Thanks for posting a pic. After seeing this I think it will have to be sent out as Stradale said. It would be difficult I think to do anything yourself unless you have the tools and knowledge. To fix that it would be best to remove the tire. It can be done but at what savings and I'm not sure where you get all the supplies. Sorry. If you find out what the dealer says please let us know for the next guy that comes along with this problem.
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