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I'm looking at a 1994 348 this weekend (hopefully).

The vendor says the VIN is ZFFKA36C0000xxxxx where "xxxxx" is a 5 digit production number.

I think I found a VIN decoder on here but can't find it again!

I was expecting the VIN to be more like this:


ZFF identifies the car as a Ferrari
A refers to the type of seatbelts
36 indicates a 348S body
C indicates UK RHD
Z is an encoded value
R refers to the year of manufacture 1994
O means it was produced in Maranello (where else would it be made?)
XXXXXX is the production number

The VIN seems to be lacking a year of manufacture identifier. Also, there seems to be an additional character 'K' just after the 'ZFF' which I didn't expect.

Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me?

I've attached a pic of the car, I'm hoping to see it this weekend as it sounds like a genuinely nice example.




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