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Hi all,

Thought it was about time I introduced myself to the forum.

This is how I got here – apologies if it’s very long!!

It was March. My wife and I decided to move house, as we needed some more space.

I convinced her that as our current (single) garage was full of motorbikes, we needed a double garage. She suspected that I had something in mind, as I’d mentioned what I’d do if we had a double garage a few times over the years... We’ve had a few quick cars, but nothing you’d ever call a supecar.

When we finally got an offer on the house (which we accepted) I had an excuse to go and look at a Testarossa that was in a showroom we “just happened to be passing”…

She now no longer “suspected” I was up to something and set me a budget, with the threat of immediate divorce if I exceeded it!!

We found somewhere to live – with the all important double garage! Completing the sale of the house proved to be unbelievably laborious and time consuming, as the buyer had just landed from Planet Stupid. Therefore, I had plenty of time to continue to look at cars – marvellous!

A list was called for, and the initial list was as follows:

Ferrari Testarossa – always loved them, had one on my bedroom wall as a kid!

Ferrari 512tr – everyone I spoke to said if I was thinking of a Testarossa, I should buy a 512tr.

Ferrari 348 – It seems everyone else thinks they’re ugly, but I love the way it looks!

Lamborghini Countach – the only other thing on my bedroom wall!

Porsche 993/996 – loads of choice and no question a great car.


Noble M12 GTO – every time I’d seen it referred to in print, they said it was fabulous.

TVR Tuscan – gorgeous and fantastic performance for no money.

Obviously, there were too many on the list, so a cull was called for – it happened as follows:

TVR Tuscan
I decided that if I was buying a new car, I didn’t want it to explode or break down all the time. The more I found out, the more it seemed a bad idea…

Porsche 993/996
It was unquestionably the sensible choice, but it just didn’t do it for me. There are loads of them about, so loads of choice, but despite how much I wanted to like it, I just couldn’t bring myself to seriously consider a Porsche.

Lamborghini Countach
I found one for sale –25th Anniversary Edition, 1989, Red/Cream, 11,000 kms, fantastic condition. Went to see it three times. I don’t know how I kept my wallet in my pocket, but I did. It was unquestionably a beast, undeniably gorgeous and certainly the most impractical, ridiculous, insane thing I’ve ever driven. Eventually I woke up – it was a silly idea!!

…and they were the easy ones to discount!! So it was either one of the Ferrari models or the Noble.

Noble M12 GTO
I remember seeing film of the guy that strapped himself to a rocket sled many years ago, when the US air force were doing research into how much acceleration/deceleration the body could take. They’d blast him up the track – zero to about 500mph in no time at all, then stop him in half that time. Driving the Noble, I could imagine how he felt!! It did everything I could possibly imagine and so much more. On paper it made even the 512tr look slow. In the real world it would make virtually anything feel slow. There’s no absolutely way any production Ferrari could out-handle it.

So why didn’t I buy it? Because I always knew that I’d be looking at it sitting on the drive, thinking to myself, “Wow! What a car. BUT it’s not a Ferrari. I had the chance to buy one, and I may never have that chance again. I’m in a new house, we’ll soon be starting a family. When the children arrive, I’ll have more important things to spend money on, and I may never have the chance to buy one again.”

So it was definitely going to be a Ferrari.

For some reason I had the following original preconceptions:

1) Everyone that owns a Ferrari will really look after it.

2) Ferrari dealers will be considerably more trustworthy than “normal” used car dealers.

I looked at car after car after car – mostly Testarossas, and the few 512trs that came onto the market, as these were really what I was after.

I discovered that I was completely wrong on both counts!!

1) Virtually every car I looked at was in quite poor condition. Certainly none of them were in the condition I was looking for.

2) Virtually every dealer I came into contact with exhibited the traits I associate with used car salesmen. The badge over the door doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. Note, I’m not just talking about specialists, I’m talking about authorised dealers too! Basically – dishonest and unreliable.

Anyway, to cut a long story a little shorter, I gave up looking for either a Testarossa or a 512tr. I’d always told myself that (a) I mustn’t lose patience, it could take a long time to find the one I want, and (b) if I did lose patience (I know me!), I’d buy a 348.

Which is what I’ve done!! Looked at a few. Saw one. Drove it. Loved it. Bought it, last week.

It was like people always say about finding a wife – when you meet the right one, you’ll know!!

348ts, 1992, Red/Cream, 15000 miles.

It’s the cheapest car I’ve looked at throughout the whole time I’ve been looking, and of the Ferrari's I’ve seen, it’s in the best condition.

Pick it up in 2 weeks, 4th October, as a few things need doing. Full belt service, seats and a couple of other things.

I’m so excited I can’t believe it! I can’t wait!!

So that's why I'm here - I'll probably be asking lots of stupid questions!!


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Many thanks for the welcome, all. :)

Will post some pics as soon as I have it, but for now, I only have the ones from the dealer - hope you like them.



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Hi Bazil,

welcome and congrats on your purchase. I was in the same position as you a few months ago when I was looking for a 348. You would not believe the dodgy cars I looked at, from London to Blackpool.

I "bought" a blue 348 and got gazumped a few days later - and this was a private seller!

In the end I bought a red 348 Spider from a private seller in Essex and I love it.

If you fancy meeting some other owners then let me know. I live in Derby and I'm meeting two other owners on Saturday 27th for a pint and a chat, a guy with a red 308 and one with a black 328.

Here is a photo of mine:



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